Friday, May 23, 2008

A pre-Poetry Friday post

My Poetry Friday post will be up soon (Becky has the roundup this week), but I just wanted to point out two sentences that made me laugh out loud this morning. They're from Steve Almond's essay on the perils of homeownership in today's Salon.

#1: "Yes, along with shopping and invading countries that pose no military threat to us, homeownership is now part of the American Dream lexicon, to be invoked as a single compound noun -- like a German word, only uplifting."

Okay, yes. Sentence #1 is a grammar-nerd sentence, so I love it.

#2: (This exchange is characteristic of my overall attitude when it comes to home improvement.) I am both self-righteous and incompetent, a truly American combination.

Hah! How I can relate. Facing a new roof, new walls, and new floors, I also am self-righteous and incompetent and, frankly, scared out of my gourd. Thanks, Steve, for making my morning brighter.

(He does get called out in the comments for being lazy. I'm guilty of that as well. I'd rather be reading or writing, wouldn't you?)