Friday, May 23, 2008

Public Service Announcement/Rant

If you're not a huge fan of violence and/or the Narnia books, don't go see Prince Caspian. It was one of the most violent movies I've ever seen. My neck hurts from flinching.

Why, oh, why did I do this to myself? Why? The racism was as overt in the movie, as it is in the book. Even amongst the Narnian dwarves, for example, dark = evil, light =good.* The violence was sickening. Arrgh.

In other children's book franchise news, Scaredy Squirrel will be a cartoon series
. Scaredy is obviously more my speed.
*Also, apparently, big noses are evil, as are accents other than British English. (More on the racism in the comments, if you're interested.) Thanks, Disney.