Friday, June 20, 2008

Poetry Friday from The Edge of the Forest

I have two short entries for this week's Poetry Friday, both from the June Edge of the Forest.

First up, the first three lines from an original poem contributed to the Forest by J. Patrick Lewis:

I Was Your Teacher Once

I was your teacher once.
You may remember me.
I am the chalk dust of memory.

You can read the entire poem here. I'm a teacher, I'm from a family of teachers--this poem speaks to me. Thank you for sharing it with the Forest, J.Patrick Lewis!

Next up, two lines from the Dar Williams interview with Carrie Jones. Dar Williams says, "Almost universally, my problems have come from giving the wrong people too much power and not giving myself enough. " Poetry in prose, that is.

Okay, now here's the scoop on the June issue:
The Edge of the Forest will return the first week of August with our July-August issue and a technical redesign. I'll be fixing the mailing list glitches of this spring, adding a RSS feed, and making formatting issues behind the scene easier for, well, me, the webmaster, and Chris. (If you've signed up for our mailing list in the past 2 months--I have your addresses and they'll be added in as soon as the mailing list is fixed.)

As always, please feel free to lift The Edge of the Forest announcement for your own blogs.