Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Items for a Wednesday

Tomorrow I'll have a review and book giveaway much like what's happening over at Jen Robinson's place. In the meantime, here are some things I'm thinking about today:
  1. How many of you live in states where political ads are running already? John McCain ads have been in regular rotation for about a month here in Iowa, and Obama popped up today. Isn't it only June? I know Iowa is probably up for grabs (it constantly swings from red to blue and back again), but June? June?
  2. Don't miss the 7-Imps interview with David Small today. It's a good one!
  3. Speaking of interviews, Fuse 8 is up over at the Class of 2k8.
  4. What do you remember from the prom? I'll admit it: I remember a long, pink, lace-infected Jessica McClintock dress. Oh, and super big hair. If you're in the mood for reliving the prom, then don't miss this photo collection at Jezebel.