Thursday, August 14, 2008

OT: Project Runway fans, what say you?

I'll admit it: Project Runway is my favorite show on television*. It's the only show I'll make time for and try to watch in real time. And, while I realize this may not be a popular opinion, can I just say I'm loving this season? And here's why: I have no idea who will win. In season four, the top three were obvious from episode 1: Rami, Jillian, and Christian were, simply, more skilled than the rest of the designers on the show. And, while I have my favorites of season five (Terri, Korto), there's no real guarantee they'll be in the top three.

Are any of you watching? What do you think of Season Five? Who are your favorites?
*Needless to say, I am distressed by the move to Lifetime. Bravo has a nice, clean Target-like aesthetic. Lifetime? Cluttered, fussy, floral.