Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Book --> Film, Again

Stephen Hunter (Washington Post staff writer) has written a very funny piece about Hollywood's insatiable appetite for material, an appetite that has lead to many new films "based on the book."

When you see a film based on a book, the question is: "Should you read the book first." In other words, do you have a moral obligation to read the book first or just skip it and go to the film. (I don't think this question applies to non-readers, of course.)

Mr. Hunter's deliberations are hilarious. Here are some of his decisions regarding new fall movies:

· "Shopgirl": Read the book. Steve Martin is always funny. (Agreed. And it's a fun read.)

· "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe": Read the book aloud to your kids. It will be good for them and you. If you don't have kids, you're off the hook. (Agreed. I'm not a huge C.S. Lewis fan)

· "Pride and Prejudice." If you've already read the book, so much the better. If you haven't and you're smart and young, you probably should read Miss Austen (and if your high school hasn't required it, find a new high school). If you're old and you haven't read the book, it's probably too late for you, as it is for me. (It's never too late for Austen!)

· "Harry Potter and the Flagon of Iced Vodka": Everyone else has read the book, Rowling doesn't need your 7 cents, so you can skip this one. (I love Harry Potter, but Hunter's title cracked me up nonetheless. )

If you need a good laugh, this article is for you.