Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's Picture Book Sunday

I have another picture book to recommend--Tad Hills' Duck & Goose, forthcoming from Random House, January 24.

As you can tell from the cover, the illustrations for Duck & Goose are (do I dare say it?) cute, cute, cute.

Duck & Goose will become a classic read-aloud book in schools and libraries. Duck and goose find an egg and fight for it. Over the course of their argument they both assume their rightful spots warming the colorful egg. Soon they discover they share a bright future in mind for the chick and the baby becomes "our baby." When they discover their egg is not an egg at all, they aren't that disappointed. It is, after all, a "lovely" ball, and duck and goose are now close friends.

Hills' story is silly, snappy, and funny--in other words, just perfect for the 3-7-year-old audience. His illustrations are warm, colorful, and just darn cute. A truly fun book.