Friday, May 26, 2006

Poetry Friday: Review

Okay, first I must preface this post by saying that last week I was a bad, bad blogger. I forgot, completely forgot, to link the other Poetry Friday contributors. It won't happen again!

Also, I wanted to give a big shout out and thanks to Ella of Box of Books for sending readers my way when shutting down her poetry Fridays. I hope you'll be back sometime soon, Ella!

Okay, this Poetry Friday contribution is a review of a picture book by Tony Mitton (illustrations by Selina Young) called Once Upon a Tide. The good thing about Poetry Fridays and kid books is that many, many children's books are actually rhyming, so there's lots of material.

Enough rambling on my part. Here we go:

Once Upon a Tide
by Tony Mitton, illustrations by Selina Young

Once Upon a Tide is a picture book in verse for the very young. It is narrated from the point of view of a young boy who tells of his adventures at the sea with his older sister, Bess. (Actually, Bess looks like his sister, but it isn't clear from the text.) In any case, the story begins as follows:

Down by the seashore
Bess and I
stood on the sand
and looked at the sky.

Bess got the hammer.
I got the saw.
We both built a boat
right there on the shore.

And off they go. They make a sail, meet a Sea Captain and a whale. They find an island and buried treasure. Pirates make an appearance, only to be frightened away by the whale. And then they sail home and build a hut from their boat. The story concludes:

We made our home
on that same shore.
And we both lived there
forever more,
singing songs
of far-off seas,
with children sitting
round our knees...

Once Upon a Tide is a bit fanciful, not always logical, but always charming. Selina Young's illustrations are warm and child-friendly. They bring the magic of the sea to life. Highly recommended for the very young.
Oh, my goodness. When doing a search for Selina Young, I found she is deceased at the age of 35. What a tragedy. Her illustrations are gorgeous.
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