Friday, May 12, 2006

Poetry Friday

I love my Ted Hughes: Collected Poems for Children (illustrated by Raymond Briggs) so much, I'm going to quote from it one more time. This week's entry is "The Cat."

The Cat

You need your Cat.
When you slump down
All tired and flat
With too much town

With too many lifts
Too many floors
Too many neon-lit

Too many people
Telling you what
You just must do
And what you must not

With too much headache
Video glow
Too many answers
You will never know

Then stroke the Cat
That warms your knee
You'll find her purr
Is a battery

For into your hands
Will flow the powers
Of the beast who ignore
These ways of ours

And you'll be refreshed
Through the Cat on your lap
With a Leopard's yawn
And a Tiger's nap.

This lovely, true poem is especially appropriate for this rainy day when I am completing my reading of His Dark Materials (all those cat daemons).
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