Friday, June 02, 2006

Kid Reporters at the Hay

Alix (14) and Maya (12) Hattenstone report on the Hay Festival for the Guardian.

These two lucky kids get to talk to Malorie Blackman, John Hegley, Darren Shan, Andy McNab, Jacqueline Wilson, and Michael Morpurgo. It's a charming article and the kids find out all sorts of interesting information such as has Jacqueline Wilson ever used those trademark rings of hers in the wrong way. Here's the quote:

  • "We ask if she's ever punched anybody when wearing them. She looks embarrassed. 'I did once slap the face of someone who had been exceptionally unkind and cruel. I lost my temper and forgot I was wearing them.'
    Jaqueline says that with success she has become much more confident. 'For a long time I was such a shy, timid thing.' Shy, with those huge rings? 'Yes, the rings were my protection against the world.'"