Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back in the States

I'm back in the States, though not "home" yet. I'm visiting relatives, friends, and beaches in California before heading back to Smalltown. Still, I'm back to a steady stream of my own internet and not reliant on hotels, cafes, friendly London neighbors with wireless, etc.

I have two short things to say (the lack of kidlit booknews this week is astounding. I'll have to post some reviews tonight!):
  • International airline travel is not nearly as glamorous as it once was. At least in coach. Good news is...if you have a 5 year old throwing up at passport control, they'll get you through in a jiffy.
  • I have some amazing holes in my reading of YA and children's books, I have to admit. I have an excuse. I only read adult books for two decades. Well, I picked up How I Live Now, by Meg Rosoff, at the airport. And all I can say is WOW. Triple wow.