Friday, July 21, 2006

Children's Book Reviews and Other Matters

As you all know, I've been on the road for several weeks. (If you've seen a new visitor from the U.K., France, or Italy, it was me.)

On Monday, however, I'm headed back to the States and a steady supply of wireless internet. At that point, I can't wait to start participating in Poetry Friday again and I will also, finally, post a Scotland report. In the meantime, tomorrow I have the rare and exciting opportunity to travel to Oxford and meet Michele of Scholar's Blog!! I'll post a picture if she'll agree.

Also, on Monday, I'll be able, finally, to work on Children's Book Reviews.

Here's who has signed up for Children's Book Reviews so far:

For those of you who would rather begin posting your reviews than wait for me to get to work on Monday, then I'll let you in on the secret password. Edited to say: If you want the password, drop me a line! (And, Colleen, I'm working on yours now)