Thursday, August 31, 2006

Review: Mama, I'll Give You the World

Mama, I'll Give You the World is one of those picture books I'd never be able to read aloud without taking a break on each page to breathe deeply. It's a tear-jerker in the worst way.

That being said, Mama, I'll Give You the World is a beautiful, inspiring picture book. Roni Schotter's text is powerful and compassionate, and S. Saelig Gallagher's illustrations draw you into a warm, vibrant world.

Luisa arrives to Walter's World of Beauty every day after school. Her mother works cutting, curling, and setting hair. Luisa's mother works hard because she wants to give her daughter the world. And she expects the best from Luisa in return:
  • When she finishes her homework, Luisa takes out her scissors, her glue, and her paper and does what Mama does--cuts and colors and curls--portraits of her customers. 'Everyone in the world is a flower,' her mother always tells her. 'Together they make a bouquet.' So Luisa cuts slowly, noticing how different each flower is, and how each one comes in a special size and shape.

Mama works too hard to enjoy life herself. Luisa would like to see her mother smile more, like she does in Luisa's favorite photo of her. So Luisa plans a special surprise for her mother's birthday--she finds a way to give her mother the world and to bring back her smile.