Thursday, October 19, 2006

Afraid of witchcraft? Here's a book for you!

Audrey Barrick reports for the Christian Post Reporter that a new book has just been published "to give parents guidance on supernatural issues and how to address it with their kids. The book, Spellbound, by Marcia Montenegro, "comes as more Christians worry about the influence of such popular children’s 'heroes' as Harry Potter."

The author knows what she's talking about. Montenegro "was a professional astrologer involved in New Age practices including having a spirit guide, doing astral travel, and exploring numerology. Now a Christian, she speaks at churches and radio programs explaining why Christians must avoid certain practices and entertainment."

On a related topic, second-most-searched topic on this blog?* Witch spells for children. Man, if I had them, I'd share 'em, believe me. I've always wanted to be a witch.
*First-most-searched topic? The Lightning Thief