Sunday, October 22, 2006

Meme: 5 Little-Known Things About Me

I've been tagged by Nancy at Journey Woman to answer this meme: 5 Little-Known Things About Me (5 Things Meme). When I realized I was tagged, my first thought was...hmmm...I'm not at all surprising. But, I'll give it a shot anyway.

  1. Let's start with the most embarrassing. I've become a skatemom. My daughter talked me into ice skating lessons when she was in second grade. Three years later and I spend hours at the rink a week. Ten hours to be exact. Oh, and the rink is an hour away from our home. Audible is my saving grace. My daughter wears the dresses and everything. She's working on her axel. I never would have imagined this when she was first born. Even my son takes lessons now. Thank god the rink is in a mall and I can poach Panera's wireless. (I do buy things from them so I don't feel guilty.)

  2. Some of you know this, but I speak Russian fluently.

  3. If I could live anywhere in the whole wide world, I would live in London.

  4. I'm deathly afraid of squirrels and, once a year or so I dream I'm attacked by one. I'm scared of mice and rats too. I prefer reptiles any day.

  5. I've been a sleepwalker since I could, well, walk.

Let's see, whom can I tag? Let's go with Mother Reader, Adrienne, and Michele (I have The Edge of the Forest on the brain and I've just edited their pieces for the new issue.)