Sunday, October 15, 2006

Review (by 10-year-old Anna): The End

MotherReader is on the ball and has already reviewed A Series of Unfortunate Events #13: The End. And, Nancy at Journey Woman has shared some select quotes. I'm a bit behind on my reading and, instead, have subcontracted this review to my ten-year-old daughter, Anna. She works for cheap and has long loved A Series of Unfortunate Events.
So here goes:
A Series of Unfortunate Events #13: The End
Reviewed by Anna, 10
The end to A Series of Unfortunate Events is very confusing.

In a way, The End is two books in one, but one of the two books is only a chapter long.

The Baudelaire orphans get shipwrecked on an island, where everyone wears white robes and drinks coconut cordial. Their leader has hurt feet and can't walk. Weapons, books, and mechanical items go to the dangerous side of the island. Their leader, Ishmael, says that everything is eventually washed up on the island.

While Sunny, Violet, and Klaus are there, they find out that their parents had once been on the island. Count Olaf ends up with them, and he tries to poison everyone with a dangerous mushroom. But, he realizes, if he poisoned them, he would also poison himself. Eventually, they discover Ishmael is a fraud (he doesn't have hurt feet) and has a secret library, kitchen, and a use for all the weapons.

The end of The End is really in "another book." There’s an “about the author” page, a couple of blank pages, then a title page, dedication page, and table of contents, and then a last chapter. The ending is very vague. It discusses Beatrice, who is Lemony's niece (and the books are always dedicated to her), and in A Series of Unfortunate Events is Kit Snicket's daughter.

You have now arrived at the ending of the review of The End, which was a pretty good book.