Friday, November 24, 2006

Poetry Friday Review: Go! Poetry in Motion

This week's Poetry Friday entry is a review of Dee Lillegard and Valeri Gorbachev's Go! Poetry in Motion.

Go! Poetry in Motion is dedicated to all sorts of things that go. Lillegard's simple, elegant poems celebrate vehicles, from hot air balloons to ice cream trucks. Her verse, peppered with lots of fun words and sounds, is perfect for frequent read alouds.

Valeri Gorbachev's illustrations are as vibrant, beautiful, and compassionate as usual. This time, Gorbachev honors Richard Scarry with bright, animal-filled illustrations complete with many things that go.

Go! Poetry in Motion is read-aloud fun for children as young as two. It's also a great choice for the K-2 classroom or a library reading.

As this week's Poetry Friday entry, I'm quoting two poems from Go! Poetry in Motion.

Needs a hand
Needs a foot
Or else he'll have to
stay put.

School Bus
Friendly fellow
dressed in yellow
greets his kids
with a beep-beep hello!


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