Friday, December 15, 2006

Poetry Friday: Alexander Blok

This week's Poetry Friday was inspired by a recent post in the The New York Review of Books Classics' new blog A Different Stripe: Notes from NYRB Classics.

Sara, in writing about an upcoming poetry reading, posted this photo of Alexander Blok's 1912 poem "Night, street, lamp, drugstore" on a building wall in Leiden. Very cool.
Here's the poem in English translation:

Night, street, lamp, drugstore,
A dull and meaningless light.
Go on and live another quarter century -
Nothing will change. There's no way out.

You'll die - start from the beginning anew,
And all will repeat, just like before:
Night, icy ripples on a canal,
Drugstore, street, lamp.
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Let's get this pary started!

Winter is still on Michele's mind at Scholar's Blog. She has posted two children's verses by Robert Louis Stevenson and "The Frost," by Hanna Flagg Gould.

A new kidlit team blog, Wordy Girls, is in! Laura Salas reviews Hotel Deep: Light Verse from Dark Water, by Kurt Cyrus. (Four children's writers are behind Wordy Girls, a blog I will include in my December new blog roundup.)