Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Meg Rosoff's next

Meg Rosoff talks about writing her next book (due to her publisher September 2008, though there must be another one due out this year if I understand the article correctly) on the Guardian books blog. She's terrified, which makes sense considering how good her first two novels were. Here's what she has to say:
  • "The real issue is terror. Terror that the characters will turn out cute, the plot banal, the dialog clunky and embarrassing. Terror that this one will be the egregious misjudged atrocity, the one about which the critics say, 'I frankly marvel that the author of X could have written so many pages of vapid drivelling nonsense,' or, more pithily: 'there isn't a single convincing moment in the entire story.' Of course you only get that sort of review once. The book after The Atrocity is met with a huge echoing silence... that... lasts... forever."