Friday, February 16, 2007

Poetry Friday: Mandelstam

This isn't the first time I've quoted one of my favorite Russian poets, Osip Mandelstam, for Poetry Friday. Today I'm contributing his "Self-Portrait," an eight-line poem that wholly expresses the poetic drive. I'm a prose girl myself, but I've known a few poets in my life and, it seems to me, Mandelstam has got it right.


A hint of wing in the lifted
head. But the coat's flapping.
In the closed eyes, arms' quiet,
there's nervous energy hiding.

Here's one who flies and sings,
and the word, in flames, hammered,
until congenital awkwardness,
by inborn rhythm's conquered.

Translation by A.S. Kline.

I'm up for the round up this week, so drop me your comments or an e-mail!
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