Friday, February 23, 2007

Poetry Friday

Today's one of those days. I need a cheerful Poetry Friday entry.

The weather's awful (wintry mix, anyone?), I need to drive out of town for a skating exhibition, and a horrible thought about my novel struck me at 3am.

Thank goodness for I found a poem that just made me smile and forget the hail, the words, the neverending winter, and the car. It's "The Best Game the Fairies Play," by Rose Fyleman. It doesn't appear to be copyright protected, so here it is in all its wonder:

The Best Game the Fairies Play
by Rose Fyleman

The best game the fairies play,
The best game of all,
Is sliding down steeples--
(You know they're very tall).
You fly to the weathercock,
And when you hear it crow,
You fold your wings and clutch your things
And then let go!
They have a million other games--
Cloud-catching's one,
And mud-mixing after rain
Is heaps and heaps of fun;
But when you go and stay with them
Never mind the rest,
Take my advice--they're very nice,
But steeple-sliding's best!

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