Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Staying Away from the Keyboard

Tomorrow is a big day. Not only do I have Lisa Graff stopping by with an interview (and book giveaway!), but it's annoucement day at The Cybils.

There are nine of us out there who know the results. And I'm one of them. And, I'm horrible at keeping secrets or sitting on big news. Thank goodness, Michele at Scholar's Blog has come up with a World Book Day meme. The question is: What ten books can't you live without?

Here are mine, in order of importance to me:

War and Peace, Tolstoy
Behind the Scenes at the Museum, by Atkinson
Enduring Love, McEwan
His Dark Materials, Pullman (yes, this counts as one book.)
Speak, Memory, Nabokov
The Flowers of Evil, Baudelaire
Pale Fire, Nabokov
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Rowling
Talking it Over, Barnes
Harriet the Spy, Fitzhugh

No tagging from me. But, please help me kill the time until 2 pm tomorrow when The Cybils are finally announced.