Friday, March 09, 2007

Review: So Totally Emily Ebers

This review was written by my 11-year-old daughter, who is Lisa Yee's biggest fan. Objectivity cannot be assured.

So Totally Emily Ebers is Emily's side of the story told in Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time and Millicent Min, Girl Genius.

So Totally Emily Ebers is written as a journal that Emily wants to give to her dad. Then, as Emily gets mad, she writes Dear Diary, instead of Dear Dad.

It also shows how Emily feels about her mother, her father, and their divorce. At school, Emily gets tricked by popular Julie (who makes Emily charge a bunch of stuff on her brand new credit card). Dad calls about the credit card, and Emily is miserable and in trouble. This causes her to become closer with her mom, Alice.

It is also nice that Emily and Stanford are boyfriend and girlfriend, but it doesn't seem as grossly detailed as in other books. In the end, Emily works everything out with Alice, her friends (AJ and Nicole) from New Jersey, Millie, and Stanford. She figures out that Julie is bad, and her father was mean and found a new wife.

It is really cool how Lisa Yee shows all the characters' feelings, and not just one side of the story. Lisa Yee wrote her book very well, and I hope she writes more!
Editorial note: Anna's observation that Emily and Stanford's relationship "doesn't seem as grossly detailed as in other books" is the highest possible praise from my daughter.
This book was purchased at Anna's Middle School Bookfair. Review was received in payment for first reading rights.