Friday, April 06, 2007

Poetry Friday: Me I Am!

Me I Am!, by Jack Prelutsky and illustrated by Christine Davenier, celebrates the individuality in every child.

Based on a single poem by Prelutsky, Me I Am! follows the exuberant personality of several children as they show their stuff--baseball stances, roller skating, bike riding, insect-studying, ballet dancing, and dressing up. The kids are gleeful as they pursue their passions in a chaotic, kinetic kid-like style.

Today's Poetry Friday is the first 8 lines of Prelutsky's poem, "Me I Am!"

I am the only ME I AM
who qualifies as me;
no ME I AM has been before,
and none will ever be.

No other ME I AM can feel
the feelings I've within;
no other ME I AM can fit
precisely in my skin.

Me I Am! is the perfect choice for a child who is feeling a little out of place. Best suited for children ages three to seven, Me I Am! encourages children to find the special within themselves. Christine Davenier's illustrations are simply wonderful--colorful, busy and full-of-life. Children will search for kindred spirits in these pictures. Davenier includes not only active, busy kids, but also the detritus of their lives. Books, frogs, flowers, items of clothing, and art supplies litter the pages, just as they do the lives of young children. Enjoy!
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