Friday, May 04, 2007

Poetry Friday: Fireflies

As a Californian transplanted to the Midwest, I really struggle with the six months of cold and plant matter death. But there are some really great things about living in a four-season climate as well, like spring. Spring is glorious. And, fireflies. How can you top fireflies?

Today's Poetry Friday is in their honor.

Hundreds of Fireflies
by Brad Leithauser

Sky yet violet,
shadows collecting
under the trees

and first stars wan
as night birches, the fireflies
begin: from the first,

the night belongs
to them.


to watch, and say nothing,

is what is best, is
what we needed.
For we've seen

stars enough tonight
to hold us through a year
of city living--

To read the entire poem with correct line formation, head on over to

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