Monday, June 04, 2007

Wicked Cool Overlooked Books (II)

This month's Wicked Cool Overlooked Book is At the Firefly Gate, by Linda Newbery. This one hasn't been completely overlooked: Tasha reviewed it at Kids Lit, Gina Ruiz reviewed it for Blog Critics (and, first, at AmoxCalli), and I reviewed it here.

But, to date, At the Firefly Gate is my favorite Middle Grade title of the year and I'm surprised it hasn't garnered the attention that, say, The Book Thief or Kiki Strike did last year. And that's because At the Firefly Gate is a quieter, less showy title. But, At the Firefly Gate is one of those books that remind you why you read in the first place. Part ghost story, part historical fiction, At the Firefly Gate enthralls to the very end.

Thanks to Colleen at Chasing Ray for setting aside the first Monday of every month for Wicked Cool Overlooked Books.