Wednesday, September 05, 2007

2007 Booktrust Award

It's award season again! We're ramping things up behind the scenes for The Cybils (more information early next week), and shortlists for other awards abound.

Richard Lea reports for the Guardian on the 2007 Booktrust teenage fiction award. Here is the shortlist:
  • Here Lies Arthur, by Philip Reeve
  • Just in Case, by Meg Rosoff (this is one that gets better with time, in my opinion)
  • The Penalty, by Mal Peet
  • The Medici Seal, by Theresa Breslin
  • Leaving Poppy, by Kate Cann (have any of you read this one?)
  • My Swordhand is Singing, by Marcus Sedgwick

Let the races begin!