Monday, October 08, 2007

1st Annual Kidlitosphere Conference

The reports are streaming in:

I love Mary Lee's short and sweet Letters to Franki at A Year of Reading. (I missed Franki!)

Jules and Eisha have photos.

Tricia has posted at The Miss Rumphius Effect, complete with the conference image.

A Fuse #8 has post after post after post after post. And thinks I look like Judy Blume. (That was a nice surprise this early morning.)

Mark and Andrea have provided us with posts and photos.

Adrienne reports back first at What Adrienne Thinks About That.

Anne has weighed in at Book Buds. (Anne's presentation rocked! Update: Anne has posted on her presentation here.)

Jen has the history and the details over at Jen Robinson's Book Page. (Jen brought up some interesting points about the state of the kidlitosphere. I'm still thinking about them and am ready for some changes myself.)

Liz B. is in with a long post on events (and promises more!)

MotherReader recaps events in MoReader style. Her presentation on Be a B-List Blogger got everyone talking.

Laini Taylor has posted an excellent rundown of events and promises more with Esme tomorrow. Laini's partner-in-crime, illustrator Jim Di Bartolo, has posted his thoughts on the events as well. I was lucky enough to sit near Jim and FatherReader for half the first dinner (everyone get up and change seats!) and he's a great conversationalist.

Speaking of great conversationalists, Susan at Wizards Wireless sat next to me as well at the pizza dinner and we had a great time talking books, kids, and, of course, Harry Potter. She posted her thoughts early--on Saturday.

Anna M. Lewis has posted on the conference at Got Art. Thanks, Anna!

Stacy Dillon has TWO blogs and two posts: First Impressions are over at Booktopia and some Planet Esme love at Welcome to my Tweendom.

Whew! And there's more: Sara Lewis Holmes shares some intriguing conference gossip!

I love Katie of PixiePalace's post title--Kidslitosphere Conference: Thanks for the Memories! Indeed.

Gregory K. shares some important thoughts and themes that emerged during conference discussions at GottaBook.

Esme Raji Codell recaps the event with typical Esme pizazz--with a useful booklist and a beautiful post. (And don't miss the spectacular fruit flowers! I am so bummed I missed this event.)

A huge thanks goes out to Robin Brande who organized this baby and to Jone at Check it Out who has agreed to pick up the baton for next year. It was wonderful, Robin.
If I've missed your post, please let me know.