Friday, November 16, 2007

Poetry Friday: the Truth

A huge work project (due Monday) has left me scrambling--at work and at home. Do you think I can just hand my students a copy of Bruce Lansky's wonderfully true and funny "Confession" instead of their graded essays?

Here are the last three stanzas of "Confession" as this Poetry Friday's entry. Then I'm off to keep writing bureaucratic prose. I'll be back throughout the day to update the old school roundup.



... (read the first two stanzas here)

I didn’t wash the dishes.
I didn’t clean the mess.
Now there are roaches eating crumbs—
a million, more or less.

I didn’t turn the TV off.
I didn’t shut the light.
Just think of all the energy
I wasted through the night.

I feel so very guilty.
I did a lousy job.
I hope my students don’t find out
that I am such a slob.

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