Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Contest time!

Chronicle Books is running two sweepstakes: One for Taro Gomi's Squiggles and Doodles series and the other for the super-fab and fun Ivy and Bean books.

Since we're on the line, so to speak, I'm going to use this opportunity to mention how wonderful Taro Gomi's "coloring" books are. I have a copy of this particular beauty--Squiggles--in front of me.

Taro Gomi, author of the famous Everyone Poops, has designed Squiggles as an anti-coloring book. Each over-sized page has the outline of a picture, or a verbal prompt (who's on the skateboard?), or part of a picture. Everything in the book is in black or gray with plenty of white space per page. It's up to the child to provide the color and detail--in paints, in crayons, or in marker. The paper weight is heavy, so a child can go wild with materials. This is a book you can give as a gift with a tray of paints or a packet of colored pencils and be sure the recipient will get hours of joy from it.

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