Friday, March 28, 2008

Literary Dealbreakers: Children's Book Edition

PaperCuts, the NYT blog about books, has some new bloggers I think. After a dry spell, they've put up several great posts this week. Today they've posted a short piece in reference to an back page essay on literary dealbreakers: Which books would lead you to break off a relationship? I've posted my adult offending titles at the PaperCuts blog, but now I'd like to ask you: which books make you think twice about people who say these books are their favorite children's books?

I'll start off with a few. In my case, I dislike children's books adults love, but are also the ones that make kids say, "huh?" Top two dealbreakers for me in this category? The Little Prince and The Giving Tree.

Also, those of you who know me know that I have an ongoing feud with the Berenstain Bears. (Sorry, Betsy!) I just can't stand how Mama knows everything and everyone else--including poor Papa--has to learn a lesson in every darn book. I just want Mama to be wrong. Just once. Oh, wait. She was wrong once: When she decided to work outside the home. That was really, really wrong and Mama admitted it. Blech.

Okay, so which are your kidlit dealbreakers?