Friday, May 30, 2008

A Poetry Friday Original: Goodbye to First Grade

Today is the last day of school in Smalltown. Both kids had great years, but Kid2 had an especially good year. He was in first grade, which is always special in Smalltown: They keep the class sizes small for first grade--there were 16 students in his class. And he loved his teacher--who he and all the other kids called Mrs. O. I just couldn't let this day pass without a poem. After all, I'll never again have a child in the first grade.

Goodbye to First Grade

Mrs. O! Oh, Mrs. O,
we’re so sad we have to go.
This year’s been great,
so number one.
Our first grade class
was so much fun.

We loved (in this order):
Mrs. O,
One another,
All the snow,
Spring again.
(And mud.)

We fell for (in this order):
Star Wars and
Capture the flag,
And recess.
(Of course.)

We are reading and writing,
subtracting and adding too.
Cutting, drawing,
sticking the glue.
We sang in a concert,
designed paper bag masks,
were nice to each other,
while staying on task.

Please don’t forget us,
we can’t wait to say 'hey,'
when we walk into school,
on our very first day...
of second grade.
*All the kids say 'yipes!' I have no idea why...we always said yikes. Maybe it's a regional thing?
Kid2, who is a major homebody, is actually sad on his last day. Wish me luck! I'm a real sucker for last days.
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Cool image courtesy of Photographer: Ian Britton