Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The J.K. Rowling prequel to Harry Potter is online. Here's the scoop from Susan of Wizards Wireless:
  • To read the story, go to the Waterstone's website, click on "read our authors' stories" and then select "J.K. Rowling" at the top of the list. It's two sided, so after you finish the first half, be sure to click on the arrow on the right-hand side to read the second half. It's hand-written, so it takes a little while to read. After you read it, come back to Wizards Wireless and vote in the new poll in the sidebar.
Thanks for the tip, Susan! (Be sure to vote in Susan's poll. I'll be right over when I'm done reading.)

ETA: Nick writes in with a link to Giles Coren's humor op-ed in the Times. Selected quote:
  • No doubt, as her final great gift to literacy in English, Rowling will eventually produce a novel that comprises a single piece of paper - valued at £90 million - on which is written simply the word: "Wizard".