Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Links

Good morning. I'm still editing the Forest, but here are a few links of interest:

I interview my first-ever real-life College Guy for Guys Lit Wire. This is the first in a series of monthly interviews designed to find out what 18 to 23-year-old guys are reading and why.

Did you catch this extremely scary story about the AP and citation costs at Boing Boing? Read it and weep, folks. Cory wrote the post at Boing Boing, so I think I can safely post his concluding sentences here which I think are right on the money:
  • "The people pushing for this stuff are not well-meaning, and they are not interested in making life better for artists, writers, or any other kind of individual creators. They are would-be aristocrats who fully intend to return us to a society of orders and classes, and they’re using so-called “intellectual property” law as a tool with which to do it."

Seriously, do head on over right now and read this post. Scary, scary stuff.

And I have a practical question: What counts as a quotation to the AP? Is a paraphrased sentence--such as 'head on over and read the AP article on X'--count as a quotation? Or do they only count direct quotes as quotations?

(Jen Robinson wrote in with a link to more information here at the Washington Post's TechCrunch. I love Michael Arrington's decision on AP's new policy. Head on over and read.)

Last but by no means least--don't miss Alkelda's book chat with Tadmack over at Saints and Spinners!