Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weekend Reviews (I-II)

I hope you're all enjoying this first weekend in August and that it's not too hot wherever you are. I've managed to pilfer the new Tana French from my mother and am looking forward to reading it after rounding up this weekend's reviews. Let's get a move on, so I can find out what Cassie Maddox is up to:

The Guardian has a series of children's book recommendations this weekend, including:
Sonja Bolle reviews Nick of Time and Keep Your Eye on the Kid for Newsday.

Not a review, but don't miss our own Gwenda Bond talking about Anne of Green Gables on NPR!

Susan Perren reviews five new children's books for the Globe and Mail, including Jane Yolen's new toddler book One Hippo Hops.

Not-a-Review: Alex Beam in an op-ed on political books for children in the
Boston Globe.

Sue Bradford Edwards reviews new picture books for the
St. Louis Tribune.

Interview Alert: Amanda Craig talks to Lauren St. John for the Times

Flashback Alert: Sonja Bolle discusses James Thurber's The 13 Clocks in the Los Angeles Times.

Stuart Kelly reviews the new Artemis Fowl title (Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox) for the Scotsman.

(One title reviewed is the graphic novel version of Coraline.)

Also in the Chicago Tribune,

Profile Alert: Horatia Harrod on Dick Bruna (Miffy) in the Telegraph.

In the end, kind of a slow weekend. Enjoy!