Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Reviews (I-II)

It's the last weekend of summer in Smalltown. Kid1 and Kid2 go back on Thursday, and I'm back on Friday. I'm very much a summer person--I've been on an academic schedule for most of my life. But it's not just the time off--time spent reading what I want to read. I like the sun, the heat, the long days, the grubby snake-handling children, the cicadas, the fireflies, the water--all of it. Heck, after ten years in the Midwest, I don't even mind the humidity anymore.

One thing Autumn does promise, however, are good books. So let's get to the roundup!

It's children's book weekend in the New York Times. Here's what's on deck this month:
Karen MacPherson recommends five new books for Middle Grade readers in The Detroit News.

Amanda Craig presents a science fiction for children and teens roundup in the Times. Not to be missed.

Angelo, by David Macaulay, is the Times Children's Book of the Week, reviewed by Nicolette Jones.

It's children's book weekend in the Independent. I think this is a bianual event, so don't miss it! Here's what's in store:
Um, this is not really a review, but Leonard Sax weighs in on the whole Breaking Dawn question in The Washington Post. I have to say that I find his conclusions rather icky. What do you think?

Not-a-Review (and not even about children's books), but I really like Chris Bohjalian's piece for The Washington Post about obsessing over his Amazon customer reviews.

Children are reviewing books this week in the Chicago Tribune.

Well, not a very busy weekend...but a good one. Enjoy!