Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Week in TV--One Week On

It was sad to get home this evening and realize there was no Project Runway awaiting me. (This moment was especially poignant when I realized we have no idea when PR will return. Or where. [Please, don't let it be on Lifetime. I'll have to get over serious issues to watch it on Lifetime.]) Then I remembered we hadn't yet discussed the finale, so I could at least blog about it here.

Okay, so first and foremost...the editing? Nightmarish. It seemed as if Kenley had a chance of winning the whole thing, even though you and I watched the whole season (along with Michael, Nina, and Tim) and knew, just knew, she would be third. And, of course, she came in third. Come on, people, we're not stupid!

Leanne? Total winner. This was my favorite dress in her collection (to the right). Gorgeous, unique, and new. (Those of you who know my book tastes know that risk-taking is always rewarded.)

And, her win proved to me that Project Runway, over five seasons, has mostly gotten it right. Let's break it down:
  • Season One: Jay? Yes, even though Kara Saun was a close second. An awesome season overall.
  • Season Two: All of them failed in my opinion. Daniel's collection was awful, Chloe's was weird, and Santino's poorly crafted. I would have picked Santino for the win (I did like his California Golden Girl dresses best), but understood why the judges chose Chloe. She had a collection. It just happened to be ugly.
  • Season Three: Okay, this was the season that upset me most. I was 100% behind "Bad Mommy" (Laura) from day one. I liked her clothes, I liked her attitude, I liked her snark. Jeffrey's Gothic Lolita look (which won) seriously got me down. Oh, and Mychael Knight? Nice Guy, horrible final collection.
  • Season Four: Three great people in the top three--Rami, Christian, and Jillian. Christian totally deserved the win, however.

  • Season Five brings us back to Korto...the best second-placer ever.
I'm sorry, but this is one gorgeous dress. (Even though the ProjectRungay guys accuse it of titscrepancy.) Everything in Korto's collection was beautiful, the colors were brilliant, and normal women could wear her clothes. But she just didn't reach the same level of innovation as our sweet nerd girl Leanne did.

That being said, I'd buy clothes from Korto. (Especially this particular dress.)

What say you...about Project Runway Season Five? About Project Runway in general? About the end of Project Runway on Bravo? (Tim doesn't want to move to Los Angeles. I think we should support Tim, because he's the best thing about Project Runway, hands down.)