Thursday, October 09, 2008

This Week in TV: What Can You Do?

Well, that was one sad Project Runway episode for me. Jerrell was a designer whose clothes I never really liked, but I enjoyed him as a person. I'll be sad to see him go. Seriously, though, his dress was fug. There it is to the right. It looks like it's smoldering. Not a good sign for a wedding, wouldn't you say?

Complicating matters from an emotional point of view for this Project Runway viewer was that my favorite remaining designer--Korto--turned in what I thought was a much worse dress than Jerrell's. They kept her, I think, because her final collection is very good and over the course of the season she's done extremely well.

But, still--take a look to your lower left. Korto made a skinny girl look heavy. On her wedding day. In taupe. TAUPE. What was she thinking? I get the whole non-traditional approach to a wedding. But go with red, then, or pink--not brown!

I know what I'm thinking: There's no way Leanne isn't going to run away with Season Five. Her dresses were great and she's the only contestant who doesn't falter with gigantic misses like these two entries. She has a unique point of view and is steady. No surprises here.

ETA: The good in this episode? The always marvelous Tim Gunn. Talking to the designers and tearing up. All teachers know that feeling. You have a great group of students and you're sad to say goodbye, but proud of them at the same time. And Tim on a tandem bike with Leanne in Portland? A moment to cherish.