Friday, April 01, 2005

"Entertainment" Books

Why are superhero books so awful? I am thinking mostly of the ones my son loves--Batman, Batman Beyond, Spiderman. They are just unbearable to read aloud. He's four and I hope he outgrows this interest soon.

In general, "entertainment" books are dreadful. (I am sure there is an industry term for these!) Books based on t.v. shows and movies (Nemo, The Incredibles) shouldn't even exist. Children want them and we have to read them aloud! There is one exception, of course, to this rule and that is the work of
William Joyce. His Rolie Polie Olie books are great! The language is fun and original. The artwork is great. My son loved these books when he was a toddler and, in fact, much preferred them to the television show.

Just goes to show you what can happen if publishers pay attention!