Friday, April 29, 2005

My Naughty Little Sister

Josie Smith has reminded me of my other favorite young British heroine--my naughty little sister. Dorothy Edwards' My Naughty Little Sister books (my favorite is When My Naughty Little Sister was Good) are so charming. The kind big-sister narrator, obviously a bit jealous but still caring and amused. The naughty little girl who is really just a smart, curious, active child. The narrator's rhetorical quirks, "Wasn't she naugty?" and "Can you believe she was so naughty?" cause little ones to laugh every time.

I also find it amazing that a four year old can understand that my naughty little sister isn't truly naughty, just a bit mischevious and fun. That's Edwards' genius here--her young readers are in on the joke.