Thursday, June 23, 2005

OT: Superhero suits, summer, and the town pool.

It's high summer here in Smalltown. According to the weather people in the most weather obsessed place I've ever lived, it's going to be the hottest day in the past two years.

What is my son wearing today? He's wearing his synthetic batman "suit" (pajamas, of course). He has been wearing this suit for 2 years now and I'm wondering when he's going to give it up. It's such an ugly shade of gray. He'll wear Superman in a pinch, but totally spurns Spiderman. He's the younger brother of a very bossy sister and the youngest on a block with 13 children under the age of 11. As my sister says: "No need to call in Freud." Still, it's too hot for the gray beauty today.

Today's a town pool day. It's going to be really crowded, even though only 9,000 people live in our town and some of them are presumably working. There is a country club with its own wonderful pool, but I refuse to join it because of the incredible class/money divide in Smalltown. Most of the kids' friends belong to the club, but I just can't pay money to a place that exists only to keep out others. So it's off the crowded pool!

Still reading Charlie Bone (now #2 Charlie Bone and Time Twister) and still obsessed as noted by Camille at Book Moot. I'm also reading Tom's Midnight Garden, a classic by Philippa Pearce. I read it as a child, but it recently came up in an online discussion on narration, so I've picked it up for a quick read.