Monday, July 11, 2005

Horrid Henry

Nicolette Jones has a new reading list for the summer in the Sunday Times. Jones recommends the newest title in the wonderful Horrid Henry series by Francesca Simon. These books are wonderful! I am currently reading them to my four-year-old and he laughs and laughs at Henry's antics (and at Henry's clueless parents).

In the first chapter of the first book, Horrid Henry tries to be perfect just like his brother Perfect Peter--just to see what will happen. Here's an example of what follows:

Back home, when Perfect Peter built a castle, Henry did not knock it down. Instead, Henry sat on the sofa and read a book.
Mum and Dad ran into the room.
"It's awfully quiet in here," said Mum. "Are you being horrid, Henry?"
"No," said Henry.
"Peter, is Henry knocking your castle down?"
Peter longed to say "yes". But that would be a lie.
"No," said Peter.
He wondered why Henry was behaving so strangely.
"What are you doing, Henry?" said Dad.
"Reading a wonderful story about some super mice," said Henry.
Dad had never seen Henry read a book before. He checked to see if a comic was hidden inside.
There was no comic. Henry was actually reading a book.
"Hmmmmm," said Dad.

Lots of other things happens, not the least of which is that Perfect Peter loses his cool and throws spaghetti at dinner. The chapter concludes with, "Who would have thought being perfect would be such fun?"