Thursday, July 14, 2005

Magic in France

Believe it or not, this--> is where we are staying in France. Isn't it beautiful? A real chateau. This kids are having a great time!

Internet is not easy to find in the Loire Valley. I am currently in the only internet place within 60 miles open today (it's Bastille Day). And we have yet to find wireless at all.

Today I am catching up on endless e-mails discussing the literary merits or lack thereof of Harry Potter. I'm not sure why anyone cares, really. Millions of people love the books and, frankly, that's good enough. Dickens was not considered to be "literary", yet we read him as such today. I for one consider the Narnia books too blatantly programmatic to be literary, yet the same folks who criticize Harry hold Narnia up a "literary" children's fiction. To each his own, I say!