Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lyra, Sunny, and other news

Philip Pullman confirmed during his inaugural Fickling Lecture on developments in children's literature (organized by Newcastle University and Seven Stories, the Centre for Children's Books) that Lyra will return.

A tantalizing, yet extraordinarily brief, mention from the Journal.


Well, someone coughed up $6,300 to be "an utterance" made by Sunny Baudelaire in the 13th book of Series of Unfortunate Events. Kim Curtis summarizes the results from the First Amendment Project auction for the Washington Post.


A funny article by Tanya Gold for the Guardian: "How Many Times Have You Read War and Peace?" I'm going to sound like a nutcase when I tell you I'm one of these people too. I've read it about 8 times, and the war parts are actually my favorites now. I do ALWAYS skip Tolstoy's thoughts on history at the end, however. I've read them once and once was enough.


John Bergstrom discusses The Wiggles for PopMatters (an online journal I find myself reading more and more). I prefer listening to The Wiggles to watching them. Apparently there are many blogs and fansites devoted to the Australian foursome. Who would have known?