Thursday, September 29, 2005

Meeting halfway

My four-year-old loves science books. He likes to read about airplanes, snakes, sea animals (especially sharks), reptiles, and dinosaurs. He loves the Eyewitness books, the Discoveries (a Barnes and Noble product), and other such detailed fare. I have to cop to nodding off while reading aloud about jet engines, reticulated pythons, and carnivores on a nightly basis. I like stories, not endless cataloguing of fact.

But, there's one dinosaur book I like. Ruth Ashby and John Sibbick's My Favorite Dinosaurs.

My son's adult counterpart must be John Sibbick, illustrator of My Favorite Dinosaurs. Sibbick is a man who has seriously considered the question "What's your favorite dinosaur?" many, many times. (My answer--stegosaurus--is always met with a blank stare. The stegosaurus is not a glamorous dinosaur.) My Favorite Dinosaurs is a great book and my clear favorite of the "scientific" books about dinosaurs. Ashby's text is dramatic and places the dinosaurs in action. You can read it aloud with some intonation and suspense. Sibbick's illustrations are realistic and teeming with prehistoric lizards. If you have a kid obsessed with these creatures, I highly recommend My Favorite Dinosaurs.

What's your favorite dinosaur?