Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Daniel Handler Interview

Tracy Grant interviews Daniel Handler for today's "Style" section of the Washington Post.

As you all know, The Penultimate Peril came out yesterday and "we're 12/13ths of the way through -- in case you're not good at fractions" Handler notes (helpfully) in the interview.

It's a short but sweet interview. My favorite interchange is the following:

  • TG: "What do you say to people who ask why you've written books where such horrible things happen to kids?"
  • DH: "I say, 'Dear Lord, what's that behind you?' Then I run away. [He laughs.] I'm puzzled why someone would want to read a book that told the reader that everything was going to be okay as long as you behave well. That has not been my experience and I suspect it's not the experience of people in the Washington area."