Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is Halloween the New Christmas?

An article in Publishers Weekly asks the question, "Is Halloween the New Christmas?"

Well, of course it is. Halloween is so much fun. I've always loved it, even when I lived in Scotland long ago and actually had to perform a trick (a memorized Burns poem was sufficient) to get a treat.

The article (author?) mentions many great books, but my two favorite Halloween titles are missing. I love Kay Winters' The Teeny Tiny Ghost (ill. Lynn Musinger) for its cute, frightened baby ghost. And I adore Bill Martin Jr. and Steven Kellogg's A Beasty Story: "In a dark, dark wood there is a dark, dark house. In the dark brown house there is a dark, dark stair." We used to know this one by heart.

Halloween is soon! What will you and/or the kids be for Halloween? We're still undecided.