Friday, October 07, 2005

Michelle Pauli contributes another fascinating interview to the Guardian. Today, Pauli interviews Jonathan Stroud, author of the Bartimaeus trilogy. I really love Pauli's introduction to the interview in which she asks the question, "Now, with the trilogy complete and his reputation as bestselling author and publishing phenomenon confirmed, I wondered if success had changed him."

Fortunately, Pauli discovers that, "if anything, he is even more engaging now, with the increased confidence that commercial success, critical acclaim and a happy family life brings."

Stroud admits to political commentary in his works, saying, "it's quite nice to have different levels." (Note: the U.S. does not fare well) Stroud also discusses his approach to writing which is very disciplined and knowledgeable (he worked as an editor before full-time writing).

Finally, Stroud expresses admiration for his audience, both kid and adult. Regarding the younger readers, he notes they've "'all been trained on Harry Potter at an early age, so they're not frightened of fat books."