Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, Miffy!

Lisa Allardice talks to Dick Bruna on the occasion of Miffy's 50th for The Guardian.

I love Miffy and Bruna's "illustrations." (I think of the Miffy books as designed, rather than illustrated. The illustrations remind me of Mondrian.) And, I'm not alone, apparently. The man has groupies! Allardice explains:

  • "Every morning Dick Bruna cycles along the canals of the pretty Dutch town of Utrecht to his studio; at exactly eight o'clock he stops for a cup of coffee at the same cafe, where a couple of Japanese girls will be waiting for him. At 78, with a silvery moustache and spectacles, he seems an unlikely target for groupies, many of whom have travelled almost halfway round the world just for his signature and the chance to have their photograph taken with him."

It's a wonderful profile of Bruna, who still agonizes about getting Miffy right with each new book, so I encourage you to head on over and read the article.