Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Anthony Horowitz interview

Dina Rabinovitz talks to Anthony Horowitz for the Guardian on occasion of, "the launch of the second book in the Power of Five series and an Alex Rider movie due in the summer." (An alert goes out to A Fuse #8 Productions regarding author photo.)

Here's some news on the Power of Five series:
  • "Anthony Horowitz has launched his latest boy-hero adventure, Evil Star, in this South American corner of London (a substantial part of his speech was given in Spanish) in tribute to the Peruvian setting of the exploits of its hero, Matt Freeman. With his two tall sons standing in the audience, he has also let slip that in the next book in the series, the hero is something of a departure for him: it's a girl."

Rabinovitz and Horowitz discuss good parenting and gadgets (Horowitz is all for them at the earliest possible age). And, Horowitz is an advocate of the "just muddling through" school of parenting. As Rabinovitz writes,

  • "'Parenting is not an art,' Horowitz says, 'it's just something you do.' And with those words, like a grown-up super-hero, he metaphorically blasts away all those parenting manuals, all those bossy nanny TV shows, busting we parents free of those shackles. And he does it in one sentence, and without using any gadgets at all."